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The advanced podiatric team at East Ocean Podiatry highly values our patients’ feedback and opinions. On this page, we’ve listed the testimonials from some of the satisfied patients at our Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton podiatry practice. We hope that once you experience our unparalleled service and care, you’ll send us your feedback as well.



Online Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Your office has always been amazing. I started working at Minor Emergi Center 24 years ago. Dr. Stabler referred many of our patients to you. You and your staff were always amazing and took great care of our patients. My son came to your office this week. His first appointment that he went to all by himself. He was very comfortable and happy with the care Dr. Sansone gave him. -Cherie Collins via Facebook

Going to East Ocean Podiatry has been such a great experience. The office is clean and the office staff is incredible! They even knew my name when I walked in. Not something you find in a doctors office anymore! I needed surgery and everyone made it so easy, My insurance was taken care of, I was informed of any charges I would be responsible for and there were NO SURPRISES! Dr. Sansone has been amazing! He is patient, kind, and answers all your questions. He encourages you to make your own decision and I never felt any pressure at all. My surgery was a complete success! I would highly recommend East Ocean Podiatry Thank you Dr. Sansone and Staff! You are all so appreciated! -Valerie G.

I went to see Dr. Sansone on July 7th. I was having pain in my right foot because my left leg and left foot were fractured. I was having to put all my weight on my right foot. Dr. Sansone offered me a Cortizone injection in my right foot. I refused because I had heard from everybody how painful they are! I’m a RN and have been present when a Cortizone shot was administered to a patient. I’m sure everyone has heard how bad a patient is that is a nurse well in my case it is true! I guess it’s because you know what is coming! I could no longer stand the pain in my right foot so I went right back to see Dr. Sansone 3 days later for that injection. I was very nervous and he put me at ease! It was the least painless procedure! All I did was feel some cold spray.I want to tell you that Dr. Sansone gave me a new respect for humanity! I want to thank him for taking me out of pain!!!! -Cindy L. (Google review)

I went to this office for a 2nd opinion. Though, the recommendation will be the same end result, i felt much better about Dr. Dominick Sansone operating on my foot then the prior doctor – he’s is all about preserving your own bones vs. being in a hurry replacing same with an implant. I will update this review after my surgery! -Eva C. (Google review)

Doctors office staff was professional and fast. I didn’t wait around for hours. The Doctor was informative and professional as well. He was friendly which is rare now a days. I recommend highly! -Misty K. (Google review)

Dr. Dorfman was very knowledgeable. He took a lot of time to go over everything and explain all of my options. I was very impressed with him and his staff and would recommend him highly. -Scott W. (Healthgrades review)

Very friendly staff and well trained when dealing with patients. Dr.Sansone is very likeable. He gave me a very thorough examination and explained everything in detail. He listened very carefully to my concerns and responded appropriately and put me very much at ease.I am a new patient and am very happy I made my appointment with him. -August S. (Healthgrades review)

I highly recommend Dr. Dean Dorfman & his experienced fabulous staff.
It sure would be wonderful if my other doctor’s offices & staff were this pleasurable, knowledgeable & efficient. I can honestly state that I left with HAPPY FEET after each appointment!!! -Cathy U. (Google Review)

As always, your team was great! You always make me feel comfortable! -Joseph G. (Google review)

The front office was superb! when I came in I was early ..they checked me in right away I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room for long at all which I am especially grateful for during this time in our lives The doctor explained everything to me about bunions. Mine is very tiny but extremely painful he explained why and told me the options I had. I chose to get a shot … his bedside manner was very nice.. The shot was somewhat painful but he was talking To me the entire time trying to distract me. The pain of the shot Was so worth it !!! it’s now a day later and no pain I’ve been suffering with pain from the bunion for the last month it’s been so hard for me to even walk that pain is totally gone now 100 percent satisfied and pain free. -Anonymous (Healthgrades review)

Great doctor and office staff! Cured my plantar fasciitis without getting cortisone shot! -Colleen F. (Google review)