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Wound Care

At East Ocean Podiatry we institute advance wound care modalities for severe wounds, using scientifically proven techniques to address your specific foot problem. If you are experiencing foot pain you should not wait too long to see if it resolves. Foot pain or discomfort can indicate a more severe underlying condition that needs to be promptly attended to. Call today for an appointment and get on with the healing of your feet!

Some of our wound care services include:

  • Negative pressure wound therapy. (Wound Vacs)
  • Skin grafts and bioenginered grafts for wound closure
  • Platlet Rich Plasma applications to promote healing
  • Custom made offloading devices and inserts
  • Close work with vascular and infectious disease specalists

Please click on the arrow below to see our Before and After Gallery of successful wound care treatments at our Deerfield Beach office:

Wound Care Results and Images:

Please note: These results cannot be guaranteed by any one treatment. Please visit our office to meet with Dr. Dorfman or Dr. Sansone about the best course of action for your specific wound.

Surgical Treatments