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Lasers & Your Feet

Lasers are used in podiatry to treat specific diseases of the skin, toenails, and fingernails. Lasers can also be used to destroy warts and skin lesions as well as hair removal, scar revision and physical therapy.

Lasers at a near infrared wavelength will kill micro-organisms such as fungus and bacteria as well as render them unable to reproduce. The advantage to these lasers is that they will destroy the pathogens while preserving normal health human tissue.

The mechanism of actions is that laser energy can cross the nail plate or viral cell (wart) and destroy the fungus or wart by vaporizing the pathogen while protecting the healthy tissue.

Another advantage to lasers is that the energy has demonstrated a bio-stimulating effect on soft tissue. This is why lasers at varying settings can be used to stimulate new nail growth, repair damaged tissue, scarring and help promote tendon, ligament and nerve repair. Lasers are now being used in wounds to help begin the healing cascade.

The multitude of uses for lasers includes the destruction of pathogens like fungus, yeast, molds, Candida, bacteria, viruses and destruction of hair follicles for permanent hair removal. In addition, at other wave lengths lasers can be used to stimulate healing of wounds, scars, tendons, ligaments and nerves. East Ocean Podiatry utilizes multiple cutting edge laser technologies for the specific foot ailments.