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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis (or heel pain) is most commonly linked to an inflammation on the bottom of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation of the connective tissue that stretches from the base of the toes, across the arch of the foot, to the point at which it inserts into the heel bone. Also called “heel spur syndrome,” the condition can usually be successfully treated with conservative measures such as use of anti-inflammatory medications and ice packs, stretching exercises, orthotic devices, and physical therapy. Our practice can evaluate arch pain, and may prescribe customized shoe inserts called orthoses to help alleviate the pain. We can also find out if Heel Pain Shockwave Therapy is for you!

Dr Dean Dorfman EPAT Boca Raton PodiatristHeel pain shock wave therapy is a possible option for treatment. This procedure can treat chronic heel pain through the non-invasive use of sonic waves. Sound waves are directed at the painful area. This technology is similar to the use of sound waves to break apart kidney stones.

After scores of trials, the results confirmed that this form of treatment is completely safe and is also highly effective. There are some patients who may not be good candidates for this treatment. People with pacemakers, vascular foot disease, neurological foot disease, pregnant women or those taking clotting medications should not undergo this treatment. It is very important you notify us if you experience any of these issues before we begin treatment.

Heel pain shock wave therapy therapy is a cutting-edge procedure and requires only a short recovery time. Research studies discovered a nearly 70% success rate for plantar fasciitis using this technique.

At East Ocean Podiatry, we only use scientifically proven techniques to address your specific foot problem. If you are experiencing foot pain, you should not wait too long to see if it resolves. Foot pain or discomfort can indicate a more severe underlying condition that needs to be promptly attended to. Call today for an appointment and get on the path to feeling better about your feet!

Plantar Fasciitis Surgery
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