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skeletonWhen your feet are out of position, you entire body will suffer while also causing a misalignment of the feet. This translates into a misalignment of the knees, hips and spine. The result is often muscle and tendon pain, joint pain and muscle fatigue. The simple fact is that many muscle aches and joint pains are due to misaligned joints in your feet.

Do I have to live with arch pain or heel pain?

Arch and heel pain stems from the excessive flattening of the arches which pulls and slowly begins to tear the muscles, tendons and tissues in and below the arch which act to support the arch and foot. Over time, as we get older, this results in instability which in turn causes arch pain, heel spurs and other foot problems. Fortunately something can be done about this problem.

Orthotics provide a simple non-surgical method of restoring the arch to its optimal shape, thus relieving the stress on the bones and joints, allowing the foot to gradually heal.

How can orthotics improve my endurance and performance?

When your body is properly aligned your muscles are properly balanced, making them more efficient and allowing them to work to its fullest potential. Many people suffer injuries or tire more quickly than they should due to a frequently over-looked underlying condition– fallen or “pronated” arches. When the person’s foot is properly supported, dramatic increases in endurance, strength and stamina can be achieved because the body is no longer struggling to correct these imbalances, thereby leaving more energy for you to use in your sport.

Many of the arches, pains, and injuries common to exercise can gradually be eliminated once your body is properly aligned. Orthotics use breakthrough orthotics arch support technology to help you.

Improving Health from the Ground Up

Our orthotic arch support technology cushions and supports your feet as it gently lifts the arch into its proper position. Each orthotic is custom made to fit your feet and adjusted to support your perfectly. A lengthy discussion will be held in the office with your doctor. The custom orthotics can be specifically designed for specific activities and sports ranging from Tennis, Soccer, and Running to Golf. A discussion will also determine if any special padding is needed to be added to the orthotic in order to alleviate painful areas.

Fitting your professionalized orthotics

Your doctor will take scanned impressions of your feet using a highly technical digital scanner which are then used to manufacture the orthotics uniquely suited to your feet. In a second visit, you will try out your orthotics. Occasionally, one or more visits may be required for getting an ideal fit. You soon will notice the improvement in terms of less pain, easier walking, better endurance in running and many other changes.

If you’re interested in getting orthotics or learning more about how to relieve your foot and body pain, please make an appointment to visit us at East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach, Florida.