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Pregnancy & Your Feet

Superior Foot and Ankle Care for Expecting Mothers in Florida

Pregnancy is one of the most life altering experiences a woman can have for many reasons. During pregnancy the female body endures a lot of changes. Women’s feet and ankles are not immune to these alterations, and it’s not uncommon for women to experience pain as a result.

The experts at East Ocean Podiatry have years of experience caring for expecting mothers with foot and ankle conditions pregnancy often causes. Below are a few examples of common problems women may encounter during pregnancy:

Plantar Fasciitis, or heel pain, is a common condition that affects feet during pregnancy. Heel pain is frequently linked to an inflammation on the bottom of the foot. Heel pain is often the result of weight gain, which places additional pressure and stress on the heel.

In addition, the elevation of the hormone Relaxin also takes place during pregnancy. Relaxin causes laxity of ligaments in the feet and ankles. This causes feet to swell and change in size, and the reason many women believe their feet “grow” during pregnancy.

In an effort to support additional weight during pregnancy, most women adjust their walk and their center weight is shifted forward. This natural adjustment increases pressure on feet. The hormone Relaxin, coupled with the increase strain of weight gain, can result in the flattening of arches or flat feet. An East Ocean Podiatry doctor may recommend the following as a treatment for flat feet:

  • More Supportive, Stable Shoes
  • Custom Prescription Orthotics, If Necessary

Another common condition women experience during pregnancy is swelling of the ankles and feet, or Pedal Edema. This is caused by an increase of fluid retention in the body. There are several actions expecting mothers can take to keep swelling under control during pregnancy, including:

  • Purchasing looser fitting shoes to avoid bunions and calluses
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Avoid standing for extended periods
  • Steer clear of salty foods, they increase fluid retention
  • Do low-impact exercises for feet and ankles
  • Elevate Feet

While Pedal Edema is normal during pregnancy, sudden puffiness in the feet can indicate other health issues. In these cases, a doctor at East Ocean Podiatry should be contacted immediately.

The podiatrists and friendly staff at East Ocean Podiatry are dedicated to helping expecting mothers feel healthy as they undergo the various stages of pregnancy. If are seeking superior foot and ankle care during pregnancy, please contact us for more information or call 954.828.2601 to schedule an appointment today.