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At one time or another in everyone’s life, the injury bug will strike. Whether you’re active and racing up the court for a layup or just walking along, injuries can happen at any time participating in nearly any activity. There are countless types of causes and parts of the body affected, but at East Ocean Podiatry, we specialize in problems that affect the lower leg, ankle and foot.

Think of your foot as a highly-tuned performance racing car. There are so many bones and moveable parts it is sometimes a wonder that the foot works as incredibly as it does. However, just as with high-performance racing cars, if you push your foot too far it can become out of sync. The first problems might seem minor — if left untreated you might be looking at some major damage “under the hood” down the road.

If you have foot or ankle pain, it might not just be due to run of the mill soreness. There are a multitude of conditions that can affect this area of the body. What may seem like a minor ache or mild soreness may in fact be symptomatic of serious damage to the body. Over the years the treatment of foot, ankle or lower leg injuries has improved dramatically. One of the best ways to keep yourself injury free is to stay active. Being active helps the entire body deal with the rigors of everyday life. Even elderly people should stay active. It may seem counter-intuitive that more exercise will put you less at risk for injuries – but research has proven time and time again that this is not so. When you do engage in physical activity, be sure to not push yourself too far or too hard because doing so may put you at greater risk.

The board-certified podiatrists at East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton utilize the most cutting-edge and up-to-date treatments to treat painful conditions. Fractures, compound fractures, sprains, crush injuries and breaks are just some of the ailments that can strike the ankle, foot or lower leg.

If you have experienced a foot, ankle or lower leg injury, it is imperative that you have it examined promptly.. While some of the above conditions may be relatively minor in nature, sometimes simply waiting and hoping the pain will go away is the worst thing you can do. Call us today to set up an appointment so we can diagnose and treat any foot-related injury you may have suffered. Remember, the longer you wait, the longer it will be until you’re back on your feet again!