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Corns occur in areas where thick skin accumulates, usually on the tops of the toes. For the most part, people with corns usually demonstrate an associated hammertoe condition, which in turn causes toes to rub against the tops of footwear. This added friction builds up over time and corns may be the result.

In some cases, smaller ones can develop on the side of the pinky toe, adjacent to the toenail. These are usually caused by a miniscule bone spur. Treatment of these smaller corns usually consists of removing the spur entirely. This type of corn can also occur between the toes.

Soft corns are areas of white moist skin between the toes. They usually occur between the fourth and fifth toes. If left untreated, they can prove to be painful and may form tiny ulcerations that may become infected. Sometimes acute athlete’s foot can present in a similar fashion and are sometimes misdiagnosed. The soft version of this condition is usually caused by an irregularity of the bone’s shape in the fourth and fifth toes.

The first line of treatment usually taken for this condition should focus on reducing pressure between the toes. Using a foam or cotton cushion with antibiotic ointment is a good way to speed healing and reduce the risk of infection. It is important that over the counter remedies are never used in this area due to the chance of damage to the skin that can become infected.

If the corn cannot be treated successfully at home, you should call East Ocean Podiatry today to set up an appointment. Professional treatment may be indicated. It may be necessary to remove the bone spur that causes the condition. Another solution might be to trim down the areas of concern.

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