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Most Common Ankle Injuries for Athletes

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Visit the Local Boca Raton Podiatry Team Specializing in Sports Injuries The podiatrists at East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton have treated many ankle injuries that were the result of high impact sports. Our team has also helped many athletes recover from these sports-related ankle injuries. Read on to learn about the most common ankle… Read more »

Proper Recovery Time for Injuries, Strains and More

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Get advice from the sports injury doctors at East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton Heavy physical activity and training can be hard on your muscles and joints, especially those in your feet, ankles and legs. Activities like running, playing sports, and participating in exercise classes can cause soreness, swelling, and chronic pain that interferes with… Read more »

Are Knee and Foot Pain Related?

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Have knee pain and foot pain become a normal part of your day? While many treat these as separate issues, surprisingly, they can be very much related. Learn more about how these two conditions are linked from East Ocean Podiatry. Common Causes of Knee and Foot Pain There are several common causes of knee and… Read more »

Common Sports Injuries: Prevention & Treatment in Florida

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Discover your treatment options for foot & ankle sports injuries at East Ocean Podiatry Sports injuries can be painful, which can in turn prevent individuals from exercising on a regular basis. Receiving individualized treatment for sports injuries is so vital to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Dr. Dean Dorfman and Dr. Dominick Sansone at East… Read more »

Sports Injuries

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Regular physical activity is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, sometimes physical activities like sports can result in injuries.  East Ocean Podiatry in Florida specializes in sport injuries that affect the lower leg, ankle and foot. If you feel foot or ankle pain during or after physical activity, it might not just be due… Read more »

No Pain, No Gain? Think Again!

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Whether you heard it from a high school gym coach or a CrossFit expert, you’re probably all too familiar with this old workout adage: “No pain, no gain.” While there’s certainly some merit in giving your fitness routine your all, pain is actually your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If you… Read more »

NFL Player DeAngelo Hall Re-Injures Achilles Tendon

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DeAngelo Hall, a NFL cornerback for the Washington Redskins, has reinjured his Achilles tendon after recently having surgery to repair it. Hall initially injured his Achilles tendon in Week 3 of the NFL season, and underwent surgery to repair it soon after. Five weeks later, however, Hall slipped at home and reinjured the tendon. His… Read more »