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Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

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Good foot care is important to everyone’s health, but for diabetics, proper foot care is essential to living a long and healthy life. Diabetes causes nerve and blood vessel damage that can eventually lead to neuropathy. In neuropathy, diabetics lose feeling in their hands and feet, curbing their ability to feel pain or temperatures, and… Read more »

Post- Op Concerns for Diabetic Patients

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Patients with Type 2 diabetes have more to worry about than the normal risks and complications of surgery. Many of the common symptoms associated with diabetes, such as poor circulation, unstable blood sugar levels, and slower healing time can make it difficult for these patients to recover from operations. Some of the post-op concerns specific… Read more »

Choosing an Orthotic Device for Foot Pain

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When foot pain makes everyday activities, like walking or standing, painful, it’s time to consider orthotics. Specially designed inserts and shoes, orthotics provide relief for a wide array of foot conditions. Our experienced podiatrists at East Ocean Podiatry help patients discover the best orthotic support for their medical needs and lifestyle. When looking for foot… Read more »

What is Neuropathy?

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When nerves in the feet or hands are damaged and stop functioning like they should, it’s called peripheral neuropathy. Usually the first symptom is a strange sensation, like a stinging or burning, in fingers and toes on both sides of the body. It feels similar to a limb ‘falling asleep’, but happens with greater intensity… Read more »

Learn About Obesity, Diabetes, and Feet

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According to the Center for Disease Control, diabetes and obesity are the biggest public health challenges of the 21st century. Over the past ten years, rates of diabetes and obesity have skyrocketed in America and show no signs of slowing down. Statistically linked by many medical professionals, the two diseases come with serious side effects… Read more »

Diabetes and Amputations

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Diabetes affects nearly 26 million people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And the scariest statistic: Every 20 seconds, an amputation takes place in the world because of diabetic complications. As you know, diabetes has a dramatic effect on your feet. Something as simple as a small… Read more »

Effects of Obesity on Our Feet

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It’s a common complaint: People’s feet ache more after gaining weight. Weight gain often leads to foot pain due to the extra force and strain being placed on the joints, ligaments, and tendons. Despite the adverse health affects, obesity remains and increasingly difficult problem to tackle. Just as a quick reminder, the spectrum of obesity… Read more »

Do You Have Good Blood Flow to Your Feet?

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Foot health starts with blood flow –that’s why East Ocean Podiatry is here to help you determine if you have good blood flow to your feet. A decrease in blood flow is a common problem that comes with age. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can also affect circulation. By being aware of… Read more »