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Tips for Keeping Manicures and Pedicures Safe

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You’re ready to relax after a long week at work, so you treat yourself to a few hours at your local nail salon. What could be better to kick off your weekend than a manicure or pedicure? To make sure your end-of-the-week treat doesn’t turn into a disaster, follow these simple safety tips from East… Read more »

Types of Pronation and Treatment Options

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Pronation is the inward rolling of the foot that helps to absorb and distribute impact when the foot hits the ground. Pronation also helps your foot adapt to uneven surfaces by rolling, rather than locking up the heel when on an incline. Let the podiatry experts at East Ocean Podiatry help educate you on the… Read more »

Causes of Big Toe Pain

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Moving around or playing sports, the big toe is essential for balance and forward movement, but also bears the majority of stress caused by daily activities. When walking, the big toe is the last part of the foot to leave the ground and is necessary for propulsion. As a result, pain in the big toe… Read more »

Pregnancy and Feet: Treat Flat Feet, Swelling & More

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As you progress through your pregnancy, you’ll notice many changes in your body– including your feet. A recent study shows that the majority of the changes to your feet occur during 12 to 34 weeks gestation, with the most dramatic being a flattening of the arch or “increased pronating posture”. What causes the arches to flatten… Read more »