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Dr. Dean Dorfman of East Ocean Podiatry Attends 2018 Stem Cell Physicians Conference

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Dr. Dean Dorfman of East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton attended the second annual American Association of Stem Cell Physicians Conference in Miami Beach August 10-13, 2018, to speak with other physicians on the many benefits of regenerative medicine. The conference was attended by over 1,000 physicians from around the world, and welcomed over 50 lecturers… Read more »

Regenerative Medicine for Foot and Heel Pain Relief

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Regenerative medicine is a new and rapidly advancing field that seeks to treat patients by replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells and tissues in order to restore a defective or injured area to normal function. By harnessing the body’s amazing and natural ability to heal, certain techniques in regenerative medicine can stimulate the body to… Read more »

Signs and Symptoms of Blood Clots in Legs

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The experienced podiatrists at East Ocean Podiatry believe patients should know and understand information needed to make educated decisions about their health. Our goal is to provide each patient with the highest quality of care and attention. It is important for people to understand the signs and symptoms of a blood clot in the leg, as… Read more »

Most Common Ankle Injuries for Athletes

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Visit the Local Boca Raton Podiatry Team Specializing in Sports Injuries The podiatrists at East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton have treated many ankle injuries that were the result of high impact sports. Our team has also helped many athletes recover from these sports-related ankle injuries. Read on to learn about the most common ankle… Read more »

Ankle Sprains and Instability: How to Avoid Injuries

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Get ankle care tips from the podiatrists at East Ocean Podiatry in Boca Raton Ankle sprains are generally the most common sports-related injury. If you’ve ever played basketball, football, tennis, or soccer, chances are good you may have encountered an ankle sprain. If you have multiple ankle sprains, this could lead to chronic ankle instability,… Read more »

Shockwave your Muscles Back to Health

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If you are dealing with acute or chronic ankle and foot pain, Extracorpal Pressure Activated Therapy (EPAT), also known as shockwave therapy, may be a great option for you. EPAT is a non-invasive, highly effective procedure that is typically used to treat pain associated with heel spurs, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and other foot and… Read more »